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Author name: owerslloyd

Transition Game

Below is a transition game that covers coaching points from Transition to Attack as well as Transition to Defend. There is a game based approach to both parts of the session including a couple of variations and adaptations. Hopefully you can adapt and progress the sessions accordingly to suit your own groups. Let me know …

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Switching Play SSG

This session looks at Switching Play in a SSG format, with elements of ‘organised chaos’. The purpose of this? Improved decision making, recognition, awareness and general creativity whilst still working on an important element of tactical play. As you can see above, Switching Play is included with the risk/reward aspects of attacking the closest, secondary …

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3 Finishing SSG’s

Below are 3 Small Sided Games (SSG’s) aimed to focus on finishing. Encourage ‘shooting on sight’, and coach the movement off the ball, timing of the runs, weight of supporting pass/cross and type of finish. Enjoy! Twitter – @LloydOwers

Playing wide to Attack

This session is aimed to focus on combinations, movement off the ball and playing wide to attack. It starts with a technical unopposed session before moving to 2 SSG’s. It is planned using 16 players, including 2xGK’s. Twitter: @LloydOwers

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