Attacking via Full Backs

This is a session designed to attack via your full backs/wingbacks and includes a sharp SSG style approach to introduce the topic and required aims before moving into a full size game with coaching points and challenges that bring the full backs into the attack It is important to work with the full backs in-sessionContinue reading “Attacking via Full Backs”

Switching Play (Full Session) – Whole-Part-Whole

This is a full coaching session plan for Switching Play based on 22 players (including 2 GK’s). The session begins with a conditioned game, moves into a SSG (2 pitches: 11 players on each: GK’s play as outfield players) and finishes with an unconditioned game. I hope you enjoy this switching play session and canContinue reading “Switching Play (Full Session) – Whole-Part-Whole”