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Pressing from the Front (5v5 SSG to 10v10)

This is a session aimed to focus on the principles of pressing from the front. We kept it simple without an information overload but wanted to emphasise key points.

We had 20 players (inc. 2 GK’s) so with the 10v10, took off a red ST and blue CB.

2 x 5v5 games. Reds as GK-3-1. Blues as 1-3-1. 
Red team build from GK and attack mini goal at other end.  Can only score once final third is entered.  Players can move freely.
Blue team win possession and score. Players can move freely.
If possession is won and goal is scored in final third = 3pts; If won and scored in middle third = 2pts; Defensive third and score = 1pt.

ST angle of press – force centrally or toward supporting team-mate. How? When? (dangers of too fast approach/too slow)
Nearest supporting team-mate – align body to ST’s and force the same way to make play predictable. 
Remaining supporting players – compact and do not get played ‘through’.
*If possession is moved by reds into middle zones, blues force wide. How? Why? (Angle of body + run).

20 players – so set up as: Red GK-4-4-1. Blue GK-2-5-2. 
Players move freely but use the thirds as reference.  Same principles – force centrally and into a mistake if pressing in advance areas.  Force wide in middle and defensive thirds.
Triggers to press: 
– poor first touch
– slow pass
– closeness to player in possession
– outnumbering player in possession
– backwards pass
*Shown as ball with FB*

– Opposite side WB narrows to play as extra CM.

Adapt it as necessary for your groups and settings and please let me know how it goes.

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