Coach Development

Developing coaches, and yourself as a coach

You’ve probably sat around and thought ‘I could do that’, or ‘I could do a better job than them’… (We probably all have at some point!) but the elite level coaches are there for a reason.

So… what makes a great coach? Which characteristics do they show?

When developing coaches, or just yourself as a coach, be unique. Be yourself. Be someone who takes the best from people (and worst, when needed!) and apply it to your own style and beliefs.

Make a list of what you perceive as key attributes or characteristics of a great coach. For me, I could name a few that I deem important: Key Communicator; Impactful; Adaptable to name a very small amount of some that I deem important.

Now what about for you. Which attributes or characeristics do you think align to what you just listed?

If you were to do this again, how can you get more of the ‘desirable’ list onto your own list? Do you need a mentor? Watch more sessions? Speak to more coaches?

Why is this important?

Well, firstly, to get an idea of where you’re at. Secondly, to understand how you can put yourself to where you want to be. Thirdly, to realise and reflect on what you perceive as key and how you can adapt it to your own style and be unique.

Be realistic, be sensible but be ambitious, but mostly, be focused on your own development.

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