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Defending Centrally (principles)

This is a session that I will deliver tonight with the University team that I work with. It is based on 26 players on (just over) half a pitch, however numbers, structure and spacing can be easily adapted.

The first part of the session has not been included here as it is possession//SSG based whilst players arrive etc (the joys of a later start time with Uni students!)

Back 4, 1 DM and 1CM (Defence)
Front 4, 1 CM plus 2 CM to join (Attack)

2v1 in end area: After 3 passes, play into attackers. 1 Attacker and the Defender can join main zone. If defenders win possession, they can break out into end zone OR play a longer ball into Target player.

* Coach the Defenders: Close Space and stop through balls (CDM); CB’s – 1 deeper, 1 presses opposition ST; FB’s narrow; Who tracks runner? (tracking CM).

* Manage the Attackers: CAM and ST combine; CAM and W combine; “start again and recycle possession” if needed – be patient.

Part 2

Defending Team:
4-3-3 (Back 4, 2CDM, 1CAM, 2W and 1ST who plays just over the halfway line)

Attacking Team:
4-3-3 (1 ST, 2W, 1CAM, 2CDM, 2FB)
4 Target Players/Servers.

Defending Team, break out with a forward pass or dribble across halfway line; Play to ST who lays off to Target; direct to Target.
Attacking Team: score

Same principles but now use channels as reference points.  When ball is central, defenders fill middle channel.  When ball is wide, defenders fill that channel and middle (lines).

*Upon ball regain, team in possession spread and find wide spaces – fill all channels.

From here, move into free play and observe for understanding being applied in the games.

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