Switching Play (Full Session) – Whole-Part-Whole

This is a full coaching session plan for Switching Play based on 22 players (including 2 GK’s). The session begins with a conditioned game, moves into a SSG (2 pitches: 11 players on each: GK’s play as outfield players) and finishes with an unconditioned game.

Conditioned Game (wide players stay in wide channels)
Aim to play to wide channels before/during an attack
Opposite side player (to where possession is) stays wide with Central players rotating to create space (1 player ideally away from play as an outlet)

Challenges to switch in:
– 1 pass
– 2 passes
– 3 passes
When? Why? How?
SSG – 11 players on each pitch x2
3 end goals each end with a middle circle zone
– Switch Play through the middle circle = double your goals
When and how could this be achieved?
Coaching Points:
– Open body to receive and switch
– If not open, can you then set back to switch?
– Limit touches if needed to receive and switch
– Score in wide goals = 3pts
– Score in central goal = 1pt
Recognise when to score in goal on opposite side of pitch. Which situations may need this? Why? How?

Encourage previously worked on principles of switching play
Open game, no conditions/constraints but timed: 2×10 minute games

I hope you enjoy this switching play session and can adapt it to suit your own group/numbers/space.
Twitter: @LloydOwers


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