Playing wide to Attack

This session is aimed to focus on combinations, movement off the ball and playing wide to attack. It starts with a technical unopposed session before moving to 2 SSG’s.

It is planned using 16 players, including 2xGK’s.

2 variations, or to be used as a starter and a progression.
Consider: Movement off the ball; Timing of runs; Weight (and aim) of pass.
– Semi-Opposed practice. Previous movement, Weight of Pass, Type of Pass, Choice of Cross/Finish to be worked on with passive pressure.
– 3 Reds combine and play wide (Coach and Players to agree a trigger of when to play wide, i.e. pass limit, through balls etc).
Once shot is taken following the cross, GK starts again by playing to the ‘3’.
– *2 separate games in each half*
– Opposition can place pressure.
SSG to work on the previous coaching points.

Twitter: @LloydOwers

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